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Understanding a psychopath

Robert Hare and Paul Babiak in their book 'Snakes in Suits' describes how the socialised psychopath will present themselves as the perfect partner by noticing the victim's needs, insecurities, and strengths as well as weaknesses in order to create a persona that seems ideal to the victim. The victim quickly likes and then trusts the psychopath and so the mind control begins.

They can be charming, witty and seem intelligent, talking easily about a range of topics. They seem friendly and understanding and may be the life and soul of a party.

But for them it's all about impression management. They are creating impressions, knowing that first impressions count.

Once they have established the relationship and feel they have created the level of control or dependency they want, they start to take what they want, do what they want and behave as they want. This can range from spending others money, stealing (possessions or information), demeaning others simply to demonstrate superiority, emotional and mental abuse, to physical and sexual abuse.

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