Brain Foods

Brain Foods

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Nootropics, from the Greek word meaning "acting on the brain", are a category of synthetic and natural supplements known to enhance brain function. They have also been called smart drugs. Many were originally discovered as a treatment for dementia, or amnesia. It is now known that anyone can benefit from the effects of these substances if taken in proper dosages. Reported effects include, short and long term memory capacity, enhanced concentration, increased alertness, energy and work performance.

One important way some nootropics can enhance cognition is by cleansing the brain of lipofuscin--a fatty material that interferes with the brain's synapses. Lipofuscin prevents synapses from releasing neurotransmitters that enable the communication of information among nerve cells. Lipofuscin is a product of the buildup of free radicals.

There are many substances on the market that promise to enhance brain functioning. Many of these can be addictive or have toxic side effects. Of those I've studied there are four substances I feel to be of benefit. These four substances are known to alleviate the symptoms associated with various forms of dyslexia, amnesia, attention deficit disorder and certain emotional disorders. Though the FDA has not approved all of them for use in the U.S., they are approved in other countries. If you want to obtain any of these four substances do a keyword search on the Internet, and there are various mail order companies marketing them. I found one product particularly intriguing and you can visit their website for more information.

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