Brain Foods

Brain Foods

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Feeling low?

Try: Green vegetables like spinach, meat, seafood and bananas.
Why: They contain magnesium and it aids in fighting gloominess, misery and confused states of mind. As long as you don’t over do it, a little caffeine can pull you out of the dumps. A cup or two of coffee a day can fight mild depressions. You don’t need to increase the dosage daily to get the same effect. Folic acid causes serotonin levels in the brain to decrease.

Mood swings?
Try: Green vegetables, peas, pumpkin, broccoli and others, which are rich in minerals.
Why: Mood swings are related to lack of selenium in your body and can result in anxiety, irritability, hostility, tiredness and depression. These vegetables contain minerals like iron, magnesium and potassium, which counter anaemia, which causes weariness, affecting physical and mental health.

PMS buster
Try: Dairy products like milk curd, buttermilk, yoghurt, cheese, broccoli and dried fruits like figs.
Why: Water retention leads to depression which causes mood swings. Carbohydrates may relieve premenstrual symptoms in some women. Increasing foods that contain carbohydrate results in less depression and anger during PMS.

Nutritionist Shikha Sharma suggests:
Anger: Bite into your favourite sweet including sweet juice, sherbats, biscuits, cookies, pastries etc.

Feeling low: Vitamin B complex, Vitamins C and E, and Zinc help alleviate the mood, making you happier. Caffeine helps alleviate the mood, however, an overdose can cause frayed nerves. Foods that contain natural folic acid include beans, leafy vegetables and orange juice. Enriched grain products, such as fortified breakfast cereals too can be taken.

Mood Swings: Fish and wholegrains like dal, wheat, brown rice, oats, chicken, bread, wheat, egg, milk etc. are rich in selenium.

PMS: Those going through PMS crave for sweets and sweet and sour food like chat papri. Also eat Muesli which is a mixture of milk, corn, rice and wheat flakes, raisins and fibre. Foods rich in vitamins, minerals and iron too help. Do not eat too much sweet and rely on natural food for sweet intake.

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