Brain Foods

Brain Foods

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Fish Oils- Mood Food

My mother used to call fish "brain food" - maybe she had something there.

A new study indicates that a regular dose of omega 3 fatty acid, or fish oil, helps control the mood swings of manic-depressive people.

This is one of the first times a naturally-occurring dietary component was evaluated for its ability to stabilize moods, according to an article in the Archives of General Psychiatry.

In the study, 30 patients with bipolar disorder were given either fish oil or olive oil as a treatment for their illness. After one month, the group taking fish oil showed significant symptom reductions, compared to the olive oil group, the researchers say.

One problem arose because 86 percent of the omega 3 group guessed they were getting fish oil because of the fishy taste. In a more clinical followup study with patients who are on lithium or depakote, researchers plan to make the olive oil also taste fishy, to remove that factor.

Other studies have shown fish oils may be beneficial to the brain in various ways. So, be smart and put fish in your diet.

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