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Brain Foods

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The mood food guide

Pune, May 13: YOU don’t have to be a foodie to figure this one out. There is nothing better to beat a bout of the blues than your favourite dish. Food is one of the best antidotes when you are down in the dumps.

Says actress Archana Puran Singh, “I automatically reach out for cookies, preferably chocolate ones, whenever I am a little blue. For that matter, anything chocolate works fine for me. And if that's not around, coconut macaroons also help uplift my mood.”

While chocolate is a universal favourite to combat bad mood days, Vijai Kumar, executive chef, Taj Blue Diamond, says, “There are plenty of other edibles besides sugary sweets and caffeine that are capable of producing positive shifts in mood, mental function and overall energy levels. Healthy carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables and grains can lift up sagging spirits for longer periods of time than sweet treats.’’

MTV VJ Nikhil Chinnappa likes to keep things hot and spicy if he is battling a bad day. He says, “I just freak out on paani-puris. They are my first bet when I need to beat a bad mood. The best paani-puris that you get are in Mumbai on Hill Road. My friends from places like Kolkata usually boast that their city has the best paani-puris but they all literally eat their words when I take them along to the Hill road stall.”

Says Prashant Admane, executive chef, Sun-n-Sand, “While junk food can provide temporary relief, it just makes one more moody and downcast later. The best bets are milk with honey, hot chilli pepper and garlic, all of which elevate depression.”

For non-vegetarians, Admane says, “Though it is better to go easy on the non-veg, a little fish and chicken won’t hurt.” Which is exactly what actress Mrunal Kulkarni does. She says, “I am a complete ‘fishetarian’ and though I am partial to stuffed fish, any fish prepared in any way can get me up and going.”

Kumar suggests some delicious treats, “Take care to think before you eat. If you need to be alert for an afternoon meeting, have a high-protein lunch like lentils or fish. If you are stressed, schedule high carbohydrates like baked potatoes or whole-grain pasta into your lunch. Humus with whole wheat pita, tofu stir-fry on wheat noodles or black beans and brown rice will help you stay wide awake. Whole-grain pasta with fat-free tomato sauce, popcorn sprinkled with crumbled dried parsley, baked potato with chopped herbs, garlic and salt or oatmeal with honey and raisins will all help you stay calm.”

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