Brain Foods

Brain Foods

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Food to Balance Your Mood

Some moods trigger food cravings -- and vice versa. The challenge is to keep both in check.

MSN Health: It starts off with a great analagy of the body as a car. Put in gas and oil (a balanced diet), and you're good to go. Put in nicotine; alcohol; caffeine; weird, manufactured fats; gummy, washed-out flour; and sugar, and it's like pouring sugar into the gas tank. You'll sputter, run on, stop and start, or stall.

Recommendations for Managing Moods:

Maintain a stable blood sugar, no big swings. This means frequent small meals and snacks, every four hours or so.

Drink a lot of water.

Exercise 20 minutes a day for mood -- and an hour for fat-burning.

Do not follow an extremely low-fat diet. Fat is needed for anti-depression. Stick with polyunsaturated and monounstaurated fats and fatty fish or flaxseeds, which are full of healthy omega-3 fats.

Take in tryptophan, an amino acid that makes blood sugar accessible to the neurotransmitters. This means milk or turkey. Eat a carb alongside your tryptophan source for better absorption.

Have breakfast.

Spend time in the produce department when you shop (try to eat a lot of bright colors, which means fruits and veggies).

Pass on food items that come wrapped in crackly cellophane.

Limit coffee (even nutritionist Kimball drinks some).

Don't eliminate any one food group, such as carbs.

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