Brain Foods

Brain Foods

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Food Mood Reaction

Mind is basically associated with chemical reactions that take place in our body. Food that we eat when broken down to micro level in our body are made of chemicals which can effect the way we think, react and decide. Food can determine how smart or witty we are. Food can guide our moods. This table will give details about food and mood relation.


May be not a brain food. However very rich in protein. Add fish to your breakfast to maintian alertness through out the day ahead.
Tyrosinein protein helps to produce dopamine, adrenalin adn noradrenalin. these three compunds raises energy levels and sharen your wits.

Rice & potatoes

Calms the mind, reduces apetite. these foods increase the production of tryptophan in blood which is responsible for the above state. However rice or potatoes can induce sleep when consumed in huge quantities.

Green leafy vegetables, beans and peas

Rich in foliate. Produces folic acid. Defeciency of folic acid can result in depression.

Tea, coffee and cocoa

2 to 3 cups a day act as antidepresants. Reduces depression and stress.  

Eggs and liver

Acetylcholine found in eggs and liver can improve memory. Reduces memory loss. Defeciency of acetylcholine is the reason for alzheimer's disease.

fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and nuts

A good diet with a balanced combination of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and nuts can improve mental health considerably

Sugar, chocolate, caffine and alcohol

Causes mental depression when consumed in frequently. Also, people with traumatised childhood history or in depressed mental condition can keep away from these foods as they aggravate these emotions and causes negative effect.  

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