Brain Foods

Brain Foods

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Your food can reveal your mood!  

London, Oct 18 (ANI): If you have the sudden urge to gorge yourself on some crispy fries or dig into a generous portion of steak, just give a minute to think whether you are suffering from mood swings, as your gastronomic predilections can be a good indicator of your feelings.

Eating steak is a symbol of pent up anger, munching crisps means you are stressed and filling up on cakes is a sign that you are sexually frustrated.

A study has found that a person's choice of food is dictated by their state of mind and diners apparently seek out particular dishes to regulate how they feel.

Angry people turn to chewy foods while the sexually frustrated crave carbohydrate-rich biscuits and cakes.

Those under stress reach for salty snacks while people going through crises such as divorce tend to revert to the foods of childhood such as custard and ice cream. of the eating habits of 500 pe Jealous people, meanwhile, often stack their plates indiscriminately - a consequence of having had to compete with siblings at the dinner table in childhood, say researchers.

The findings are the result of a U.S. study ople who kept diaries about their choices of meals.

'Food can be used to change feelings the person doesn't want to have. Only hard, crunchy mastication will suffice when someone needs to take out their anger. No amount of cottage cheese will do it but a steak might.," Cynthia Power, Illinois-based psychotherapist, was quoted by the Daily Mail, as saying.

'Alternatively, loneliness is artificially assuaged with bulky, fill up the stomach foods,' she added. (ANI)

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