Brain Foods

Brain Foods

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Primary uses of Ginkgo

Primary uses of Ginkgo


Improves memory and other cognitive functions

Enhances circulation to the brain, heart, limbs, ears and eyes

May help reduce cardiovascular risks

Potent antioxidant effects

Used in treating cerebral insufficiency, senile dementia, Alheimer's disease

Peripheral arterial disease, and certain eye and ear disorders

The remarkable effects of Ginkgo biloba on brain function and circulation have made this venerable tree one of the most extensively studied and widely used botanicals in the world. Millions of Americans and Europeans now enjoy the benefits of ginkgo for memory, cognitive function, circulatory disorders, and conditions of the eyes and ears. No other known circulation enhancer, natural or synthetic, can increase blood flow not only to healthy areas of the brain, but also to areas already damaged by disease. In addition, ginkgo's powerful antioxidant effects have earned it an international reputation as an "anti-aging" herb among young and old alike.




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