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Brain Foods

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A selenium deficiency plays a special role in brain

A selenium deficiency plays a special role in brain


Persons with low selenium status experience relatively depressed moods.

Hawkes, Wayne Chris; Hornbostel, Linda. Effects of dietary selenium on mood in healthy men living in a metabolic research unit. Biological Psychiatry, 1996 Jan, v39 (n2):121-128.

Nine surveys conducted between 1980 and l963 indicate a continuing negative relationship between selenium levels in fodder crops and US schizophrenia (SZ) prevalence. Wich is to say that the disease is more prevalent in parts of the country where the soil and water content of selenium is lower.

International similarities in the spatial distributions of SZ and celiac disease, cancer of the esophagus, and multiple sclerosis (all of which appear to involve selenium inadequacy as either a cause or an effect) further support a role for selenium deficiency in SZ.

Selenium affects the activity of enzyme systems, either as a component of an enzyme or as the selenium ion. Low glutathione perioxidase levels found in a specified schizophrenic population could be explained by a problem in the biometabolism of selenium.

Brown Jr., James S.; Foster, Harold D. Schizophrenia: An update of the selenium deficiency hypothesis. Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, 1996, v11 (n4):211-222.

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