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In his writings on lithium orotate, Dr. Hans Nieper stressed how the primary function of lithium was the restoration of the proper electrical membrane potential by removing excess sodium from the inside of the cell. In the orotate form he was able to obtain results using small dosages, about 7% of the carbonate form, to successfully treat manic depression, migraine headaches, juvenile epilepsy, and alcoholism. Using calcium and lithium orotate together, Dr. Nieper obtained significant results in chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis. He reported that 5 mg of lithium orotate are closely equivalent to 100 mg of the carbonate form. According to Dr. Nieper, the lithium orotate releases lithium ions at the lysosomal membranes (structures within the cells), and withdraws sodium from them. The net result is a stabilization of the lysosomal membrane. If lysosomal enzymes are released within the cell they cause a cascade of destruction that leads to cellular death. The stabilization of the lysosomal membranes within the cell is a vitally important part of maintaining cellular health.

In 1998 a break-through discovery was reported by researchers from the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. They discovered that neurons (from rat brains) that were treated with lithium for six to seven days were completely protected from glutamate toxicity. It seems that the lithium attached itself to the receptors where the glutamate normally docks. This prevented the hyperactivity and resultant overload of calcium into the cell.

This exciting new understanding of one of lithium's protective actions against neurotoxicity from excessive glutamate opens the doorway for increased utilization of low dose lithium orotate. It appears that both lithium and B12 (in the methylcobalamin form) have a very beneficial role to play in protecting the human brain from this destructive neurotoxic process.

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