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What are current public health recommendations for iron?

What are current public health recommendations for iron?


In 2000, the Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences established an Adequate Intake level for infants up to 6 months old and Recommended Dietary Allowances for all other age categories. The recommendations appear below:

0-6 months: .27 mg
7-12 months: 11 mg
1-3 years: 7 mg
4-8 years: 10 mg
Boys 9-13 years: 8 mg
Boys 14-18 years: 11 mg
Girls 9-13 years: 8 mg
Girls 14-18 years: 15 mg
Men 19-30 years: 8 mg
Men 31-50 years: 8 mg
Men 51-70 years: 8 mg
Men greater than 70 years: 8 mg
Women 19-30 years: 18 mg
Women 31-50 years: 18 mg
Women 51-70 years: 8 mg
Women greater than 70 years: 8 mg
Pregnant women 14-50 years: 27 mg
Lactating women 14-18 years: 10 mg
Lactating women 19-50 year: 9 mg

Due to the fact that iron status is influenced by the type of diet consumed and by oral contraceptives(see Drug-Nutrient Interactions above), the Institute of Medicine established additional recommendations for vegetarians and for women taking oral contraceptives. These recommendations are as follows:

Adult men following a vegetarian diet: 14 mg
Adult, premenopausal women following a vegetarian diet: 33 mg
Adolescent girls following a vegetarian diet: 26 mg
Adolescent girls taking oral contraceptives: 11.4 mg
Adult, premenopausal women taking oral contraceptives: 10.9 mg

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