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Brain Foods

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Health benefits of Omega-3s

Health benefits of Omega-3s

Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for our health in a variety of ways.

Reduce risk of heart disease?Omega-3s are blood thinners and help to keep arteries elastic and flexible. They reduce high blood pressure, and keep triglycerides down.

Reduce risk of unwanted blood clots?Omega-6 based thromboxane aids in clotting, which stops blood loss from injuries. Omega-3s keep thromboxane in check, thus preventing unwanted blood clots that can cause strokes, heart attacks, deep-vein thrombosis and embolisms in lungs.

Lower blood pressure?Thromboxane also constricts arteries, leading to raised blood pressure. Omega-3s again keep thromboxane in check.

Reduce inflammatory diseases?Omega-3s are natural anti-inflammatory agents, so they act to prevent or reduce symptoms of arthritis, migraine headaches, menstrual cramps, and asthma.

Vision?Omega-3s are valuable both for the retina and blood supply through the tiny capillaries in the eyes.

Brain and mood?Omega-3s are an important constituent of the brain, especially DHA. In cultures that eat a lot of fish, the rate of depression is lower than in populations that don't, such as the US. Even though depression has many causes, making sure the brain has enough nutrients to function well is an obvious "no brainer."

Cancer?Omega-3s reduce the risk of cancer. They strengthen the immune system, which is the body's primary defense against the appearance of new cancerous cells. Omega-3s also make it harder for a tumor to metastasize to other areas of the body.

Reduce risk of osteoporosis?Bones are living tissue, constantly being broken down and rebuilt. Eicosanoids help to regulate the balance between osteoclasts, which break down bone, and osteoblasts, which rebuild it. Research indicates that healthy omega-3 levels contribute to rebuilding bone rather than losing it.

Other health conditions that can be aided by a healthy intake of omega-3s are dry skin (one of the first signs of an omega-3 deficiency), allergies, menopause symptoms, vulnerability to glaucoma and macular degeneration, chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, and ADHD.

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