Brain Foods

Brain Foods

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Give your brain a better diet!

Give your brain a better diet!

Eat more fish - an omega-3 fatty acid found in fish called DHA might play a role in preventing dementia. A Dutch study reported that elderly men who ate the largest amounts of fish were the least likely to suffer from dementia. Research also suggests that fish oil may help prevent depression.

Skip fad diets - Restricting food intake interferes with concentration and mental performance not to mention the irritability associated with hunger pangs. It's still unclear whether the effects of dieting are due to a lack of food or the dieters preoccupation with weight.

Eat more fruits and vegetables - these are great sources of antioxidants to help protect brain cells against the effects of aging.

Eat breakfast - Studies show that breakfast eaters perform better on tests of concentration than non-breakfast eaters. One theory is that an overnight fast depletes the brain of glucose, the only fuel it can utilise and which also helps the brain to store information.

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