Brain Foods

Brain Foods

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Being friendly with fish oil can help your memory

Being friendly with fish oil can help your memory

Ever envy someone who can think on her feet? Or recall in-depth conversations? Or read maps? That brainiac could be you if you make fish oils a regular part of your diet, say British researchers.

They found that sixty 64-year-olds who'd taken daily fish-oil supplements for at least 6 months scored higher on tests of all those functions than sixty others who hadn't taken supplements, confirming several other recent studies.

Getting enough of two fish-oil components--DHA and EPA--seems to strengthen brain cell membranes and enhance cell-to-cell communication. The researchers advise focusing on fish in middle age to prevent mental decline, as well as heartbeat irregularities and joint inflammation, which the oils also help avert. Aim for one of these:

Two to four meals a week of oily fish, such as wild Pacific salmon.

Daily fish-oil capsules (500 mg EPA, 500 mg DHA).

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