Brain Foods

Brain Foods

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Bacopa_The Memory Herb

Bacopa_The Memory Herb

(Bacopa monnieri)

Practitioners of Ayurveda, the 5,000-year-old traditional medicine system of India, use bacopa for improving anxiety, intellect, and memory. Now, contemporary research proves that this ancient tradition has legs: Bacopa is tops at improving memory.

One study of 76 adults, ages 40 to 65, showed a decrease in the rate of forgetting among bacopa users. Another human study showed that it improved the speed of information processing. And a very telling study revealed that when bacopa was administered with a memory-blocking drug, drug-induced memory impairment was reduced, and memory acquisition and retention improved. In my book, bacopa is quite a good option for improving or increasing memory capacity. Moreover, its proven antioxidant activity may make it useful in preventing age-related memory loss.

What it probably can't do: Improve symptoms of dementia. No studies yet verify this use.

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