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Brain Foods

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Periwinkle_The Brain Food Herb

Periwinkle_The Brain Food Herb

Vinca minor, sold as vinpocetine

Periwinkle is a European plant that was used by healers to remedy nervous disorders, hysteria, epileptic fits, and nightmares. Now we know that a compound in the plant, vinpocetine, may be the brain's best friend.

The brain is an oxygen- and glucose-greedy organ; it needs lots of both to operate optimally. Vinpocetine is a vasodilator and cerebral metabolic enhancer, which means it makes certain the brain gets all the nutrition it needs. Moreover, vinpocetine is a powerful free-radical scavenger. And not just any old free-radical scavenger either. Studies reveal that after you take it, vinpocetine makes a beeline for the brain. Used occasionally, it is thought to deliver more blood to the brain, thereby increasing brainpower. Used regularly, it may prevent senility and dementia by preventing free-radical damage to the blood vessels that serve the brain.

Though vinpocetine is currently used to treat senile dementia and Alzheimer's disease, this use has not been studied, and its safety and efficacy have not been reported.

How to buy and use: Available at health food stores. Use according to manufacturers' instructions. If you take blood-thinning medication, check with your doctor before taking vinpocetine.

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