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Brain Foods

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Vitamin B12-Brain and Nervous System

Vitamin B12-Brain and Nervous System


Vitamin B12 deficiency eventually leads to a deterioration in mental functioning, to neurological damage and to a number of psychological disturbances including memory loss, disorientation, numbness, dementia, moodiness, confusion and delusions.

Alzheimer's disease sufferers are often found to have low vitamin B12 levels although it is unclear whether these are a contributing factor or a result of the disease. B12 deficiency leads to a loss of nerve-insulating myelin which begins at the peripheral nerves and eventually moves up to the spine causing decreased reflexes, abnormal gait, weakness, fatigue, poor vision and impaired touch or pain sensation.

Other signs include tingling or loss of sensation and weakness in hands and feet and diminished sensitivity to vibration and position sense.

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