Brain Upgrade

Brain Upgrade

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Back To School

Many of you reading this will soon be making preparations to return to school, college or university ... it won't be long before you have to get back into the swing of things and begin to get on with some work. You may be part way through a two or three year course, and some of you will be about to embark on a new course, perhaps even starting at a new school, college or university. Whatever your situation, I want to take this opportunity to get your mind thinking about the new term, and to remind you of some of the resources available to you in the Accelerated Learning area of this site.

There are many books available for you to read about learning and studying, and regular visitors will know of the Book Review section. Have a read of some of the reviews and, if you haven't done so before, in my opinion the best books for you will be Use Your Head by Tony Buzan, any of the relevant Hodder and Stoughton Study Guides for you who are doing GCSE here in the UK, and if you can get hold of a copy, Learning with Lana, the Mind Map video programme. I have reviewed all of these in the Book Review section so go on, why not have a look.

Of course there are plenty of articles here on the HappyChild site for you to look at that will be very useful for you to refresh your knowledge on how to learn. If you go all the way back to September 1999 [see Memory Index page] my article "Prepare to Learn" will show you how to get ready for your studies and then the following month I looked at "Effective Learning Strategies". That article referred to the following other articles in this series that will be of benefit to you:

1. Mind Mapping in April 1999

2. Principles of a Super Power Memory in April 1998

3. Memorising Numbers in January 1999

4. Memorising lists or linked information through the Journey Technique (August 1998), The Link System (November 1998), the Number Rhyme System (May 1998) and the Number Shape System (December 1998).

5. Memorising foreign vocabulary in February 1999.

6. The Brain's natural learning rhythms in October 1998.

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