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Brain Upgrade

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The Number Shape System works by taking the numbers from 1 to 10, picking a word whose image looks like the number and then creating a vivid image of that word which then becomes representative of that number i.e. the mental peg. Then when we think of that number the peg image will instantly spring to mind. You might think that you could become confused with the images that you already have for the Number Rhyme System. You will find, however, that when you think of the pegs for each system you will be asking yourself one of two questions. Either "What does the number sound like" or "What does the number look like?" Each question will give a different answer for the same number and with practice, you will very quickly be able to differentiate between the two.

Number Shape Images

I have used the following images:

One looks like a candle - imagine a large ornately decorated wax candle burning a bright flickering flame.

Two looks like a swan- imagine a large graceful white swan arching its beautiful neck.

Three looks like the top of a red love heart - imagine a large red love heart cushion that may be given on Valentine's Day.

Four looks like the sails of a yacht - visualise a large yacht ploughing through the ocean's waves.

Five looks like a hook - can you see a large shiny brass hook?

Six looks like the trunk of an elephant - imagine a huge grey elephant slowly plodding along.

Seven looks like a walking stick - visualise a knobbly mahogany walking stick.

Eight looks like an hourglass - imagine a large hourglass sitting in its red wooden stand as the brightly coloured sand falls through its narrow neck.

Nine looks like a balloon on a stick - can you see a large red balloon tied to a wooden stick?

Ten looks like a dinner plate - visualise a long table gloriously laid out with the best china and cutlery for a grand feast.

As with the Number Rhyme system, I have used the words that instantly spring to my mind when I think of each number and what it looks like. You can use my suggestions or come up with your own. It really does not matter as long as every time you think of a number, the same visual image springs to mind. The more you apply the principles of SMASHIN SCOPE, the more vivid and hence more memorable your images will be. Once you have chosen your words and created your mental image for each, practice and test yourself until you are confident that the Number Shape image for each number is firmly implanted in your memory.

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