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Brain Upgrade

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Memory Road

A sequence of pegs can be made out of locations which you already know in your everyday life or from films which you have seen. These places can have objects imagined in them. Eg. If you are learning a new person's name (Mr Smith) then you could imagine in the first location, the man and a blacksmith. At the second location, you could imagine the second item of information which needs memorising (eg. an image representing his job), and so on: new pieces of information stored at locations which you have already prepared for memory tasks. This is based on the idea that visual images or stories are very memorable - much more memorable than the dry fact itself.

To the right of each location, I have put some performers. A list of 00-99 images can be made out of imaginary people who inhabit the locations - although imagining movie stars is recommended.

The locations are a list of 100 places and can be used to memorise 100 pieces of information in sequence. The first location is 'location 00' , then the second location is location 01, ... all the way to location 99.

In dreams, unconnected places can connect together. Eg. Walking through an airport location could lead you to an amusement arcade. Similarly with the places listed below, try to picture a walk which takes you from one location within an airport to one location within an amusement arcade, and so on so that the walk covers the 00-99 places. Why? Because you can place items in these imaginary places such that place 01 (the amusement arcade) can contain the first item which you wish to memorise. I leave location 00 unused generally. In most memory situations, I would start with location 01: my mental image of an airport.

In addition to locations, there are people who are loosely connected with the locations.

eg. the airport 'landing signal man'. He represents for me the digit pair 00. This is useful for the memorisation of numbers.

Eg. 0034521 is a random code. I could memorise the 00 part of it by imagining the 00 person: the landing signal man.

Note: The suggested people are optional - you can choose whatever comes easiest to mind. That is partly why I recommend learning that a movie star equates to a 2-digit number: movie stars are easy to picture in your mind. Also, these movie stars can be used later in the memory lessons for creating memory locations out of scenes from their movies.

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