Brain Upgrade

Brain Upgrade

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What certainly does motivate you is knowing that there is a month left before your exams and that you are not quite on target for knowing everything on time.

What you are interested in are the eleven months (or whatever the course's length is) before that panic sets in.

You must really really WANT to do well in the exam if you want to be motivated generally throughout the year. Your reason may be that there is a new career at the end of the struggle or a reward. For some people, the whole process of getting to grips with the exam process is a motivating force. It is harder for a student at the bottom of the qualification ladder to be motivated than it is for someone one qualification away from a career that he can almost touch. Unfortunately, it is early grades which influence where you go to study that last all-important subject. It is early grades that a prospective employer often looks at, in part, to judge you.

A very strong motivating force is a strong memory of the stress and nervousness which you may have once had before exams that you did not work hard for. You may prefer the struggle to study consistently to the struggle to sleep at night around exam time. By being consistent in your studying, there are less problems around which might demotivate you. For instance, the effort to keep an organised file or folder is worth doing when you compare it with a lurking dread of one day having to start intensive revision of notes that are in a chaotic order.

Some people are more motivated than others. In some ways, 'you either have it or you don't'; but you might find later in life that you have always had what it takes to work very hard but that you were never pressured enough previously into acquiring that discipline. If you are easily distracted from study by television shows then you have a discipline problem that is a question of 'mind over matter'. By behaving like a disciplined student, you can become that disciplined student. Studying hard seems alien and unnatural to someone who does not do it as of habit. Once it is a habit, it is not an ordeal to get books out and study them.

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