Brain Upgrade

Brain Upgrade

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General Association Principles

How the brain uses association by expanding existing neural networks, including relationships, structures, hierarchies, and categories.

What attributes of memories help longer retention, such as the senses, emotions, situations, categorization, exaggeration and combinations. This could include using vision, sound smell, touch, taste, symbols, movement, location, comedy, absurdity, offensive situations, rude situations, amplification, reduction, ordering and numbering. Which emotions to avoid, such as sadness and anger, and why.

The steps you normally follow when first creating an association, including examples. Covers choosing the key word, choosing target image, linking them together with a primary attribute link, adding secondary links, and testing it out.

Basic rules, such as purity and keeping them simple.

Detailed example that shows how to create an association. Uses polar bears to remind us that functions of oil are engine cooling, shock absorption, protection, cleaning, sealing and lubricating.

The importance of practice while learning how to associate. Association is used by those who win the international memory championships, so with practice you can make use of association in your own learning endeavors.

How everyday use of association helps improve your ability to associate, similar to what one memory author calls the "Self-Enhancing Matrix."

The importance of using your imagination. Younger children seem to do it well ? perhaps general pruning of neurons and synapses that occurs as we go through childhood is more to do with our society imposing limits on a child's imagination and creativity, rather than any biological process.

Some general side effects of association including higher creativity and problem solving skills.

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