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Brain Upgrade

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Basic Mnemonics

Clarification of the word mnemonic.

Details on two basic mnemonic techniques that you may have already come across or used. These are first letter, or acronym, mnemonics, and acrostic mnemonics.

An example of an aviation or flight checklist ? ie how pilots use first-letter mnemonics for checklists (the FIST pre-lineup check, for checking flaps, fuel pump, instruments, switches and transponder)

Another example for taking photos (how a photographer could remember to check film, composition, focus, depth, flash, light, and surroundings, and keep the camera still).

How acrostic mnemonics use a phrase to remember information. Examples include "Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit" (notes on a treble clef) and "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas" for represents the nine planets of the Solar System.

How to combine them, and use of rhyme and rhythm

Why you need to know the content behind the mnemonic before you use these techniques, and how you can use other techniques (such as visualization) to assist this.

A complete example of how to memorize a checklist

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