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Brain Upgrade

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Method of Loci

The origins of the method of loci?from ancient Greek times. Orators, philosophers and others had to rely on memory for retaining speeches and knowledge in general

How the method of loci works?associating information with specific locations, or loci.

Typical locations you can use. How to select them. Examples of larger structures, such as creating mental buildings, towns, palaces and cities.

Includes general principles, and two common techniques ? the mental journey or story technique, and the "Roman Rooms" technique.

General principles include how to select locations and guidelines for size, brightness, details, dynamic objects, familiarity

Mental journey or story technique ? how to associate items along a path or journey (eg a train route). Includes basic steps to create a mental journey, as well as an example of memorizing six key points in a sales presentation. The example links points such as delivering savings to their business, improving product quality, addressing key concerns of staff, reducing wastage etc, with your normal morning routine of getting out of bed, brushing teeth, eating breakfast and walking out the door.

Roman rooms ? similar to mental journey except locations are based on objects in a room. General principles for using this technique, as well as ideas for extending it. For example, create your own learning campus for your topic.