Brain Upgrade

Brain Upgrade

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Tape Recorder

Is there a movie that you've watched 10 times? If so, chances are you know a lot of the lines by heart, especially the memorable ones. Because of repetition, your brain has remembered the sounds. And it works better than just saying something out loud 10 times, because it's someone else speaking, and they have an interesting voice, and they say the lines in a certain way. And you hear the lines in exactly the same way every time because the recording reproduces the sounds exactly.

Well, if it works for movies, why not take advantage of this approach to memorize something? Just get a tape recorder and record the Bible (or other) passage that you want to memorize, then play it back a bunch of times. It may get boring if you listen to it 10 times in a row, but you can do it once a day instead.

In my own experienced I've discovered that after using this method I can almost get a Bible passage exactly right. But I still get stuck. So then I use traditional repetition to "fill in the gaps." But it goes a lot quicker because large phrases are already burned in the mind... it's just a matter of stringing it all together.

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