You Can Have A Super Memory, Too!

Brain Upgrade

Brain Upgrade

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You Can Have A Super Memory, Too!

Many of us have complained frequently about our seemingly poor memory. If you're a student, I'm sure you've encountered instances where you had missed out on that 'A' grade just because you failed to recall Newton's Law of Gravitation or some other crucial information. If you're a business executive, you surely would have been through situations in which you just could not remember the name of this CEO or President of another company - and hence lost out on that lucrative contract. Or if you're a housewife, it's likely that there are times when you forgot what was on your shopping list. Was it chocolate milk or strawberry milk which your son wanted?

Thankfully, all of us - yes, you included - have an infinite memory that even supercomputers can't rival. Did I hear you say, "Yeah, right."? It really is true that you've an excellent memory - it's just that you may not know (yet) how to maximize it and use your natural talent properly.

So what is memory? Memory can be simply defined as the linking of new ideas to something that you already know. For most people who have not been trained in memory techniques, this linking process is purely a subconscious one. When the links are strong, you remember the information easily. What is it that makes the links strong and your memory infallible? They are the principles and techniques of memory. These principles and techniques are the reasons why you have not been able to tap on the full potential of your memory in the past, if you do not use them at all when remembering information. Moreover, the information fed to you from our environment may not have not been stored in an orderly way for retrieval. To develop your memory, you'll need to develop well-arranged index systems in your minds.

By applying all the principles of memory and storing the information using structured systems, anyone can develop a super memory.

What does memory involves? The remembering of anything involves 3 processes: Registration, Retention, and Recall.

Firstly, external stimuli must be registered in your brain. Then, they must be stored effectively and in an orderly arrangement, hence 'retention'. Lastly, to remember what you've learned, you recall and retrieve the information from your brain.

Let me tell you this: You're born to have an excellent memory!

Yes, it's true! Stage memory performers might have amazed you with their awesome ability to remember long lists of objects. However, with enough practice and effort, you can have a memory as good. In fact, there is no such thing as a good or bad memory. However, there is a difference between a trained and an untrained memory. If you've mastered the correct keys to tap your natural memory, you can be as good too, through vigorous training. Even if you do not have the time needed to develop a quality of memory as powerful as the performers, many of the techniques taught here are useful in everyday life. I shall now prove that your memory can work too.

Let's say you want to memorize the planets of the Solar System. The nine planets in order from the sun are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

In this exercise, you're going to memorize the planets using the Link System and imagination to create a memorable story.

Imagine that you're in a Physics laboratory. The experiment you're doing is to measure temperatures using a MERCURY thermometer. See it clearly, hold it in your hands and feel it vividly.

Your professor is a stern old man. However, today he is very nice to the class. Why? It's because VENUS Williams, the American super female tennis star player, is in the class! Look around and confirm the young and beautiful player sitting in front. See her smiling as real as possible.

The professor is clearly mesmerized by the star player. Watch him drool and ogle at her. Hear him proclaim loudly and emotionally that "there's no other prettier female on EARTH !"

You can't tolerate it anymore. You're here to learn Physics! Feel the anger surge through you body as you ran up to him and stuff a MARS choc bar into his mouth!

But his mouth is so big, the choc bar is not enough to silence the professor! Instead, you summon all your voice and shout TO PETER (JUPITER), your best friend, to help you.

You can't believe it! The tennis player hooks even your best friend Peter. You thought as if SATAN (SATURN) has controlled everyone in your class. Feel the horror in your mind. (You must feel it)

Yes! You have thought of an idea to overcome the devil. Feel the triumph as you retrieve some toxic URANIUM (URANUS) and hurl it forcefully at the professor. It's radioactive stuff, you remind yourself victoriously.

Suddenly, the world becomes pitch-dark. You are frightened by the sudden change. Feel the fear in yourself. Then, you hear a NET TUNE (NEPTUNE). Really hear the sweet and melodious tune around you. What's happening?

Then, a Walt Disney dog by the name of PLUTO bounced towards you, barking merrily. You know what's going on - you must have been daydreaming!

Re-run this fantasy in your mind. Then, write down the 9 planets in order from the sun. It should be easier to remember the 9 planets than forget them, isn't it? Convinced that your natural memory is excellent?

What you've just used is the Link System, one of the many memory systems around, and plenty of memory techniques to help you store, recall and retrieve the correct order of the nine planets from your brain. In particular, you have used imagination, movement, association, absurdity and humor, and emotions to aid you in memorizing the information.

You should be convinced by now that you do have an infinite memory that is still vastly untapped. To make your memory power work for you, you should "train" your memory: learn more about how memory works, the various memory techniques, the memory systems, and apply whatever you learn to your daily life in memorizing all sorts of information. Remember, you can have a super memory, too!

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