Brain Upgrade

Brain Upgrade

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Creating your memory palace

Creating a memory palace is not the most complicated of things. You can take your pick between creating one completely from scratch, or using a place you are very familiar with as a memory palace, all that matters is for you to be able to recall it very vividly, which is the hardest part. Either way, we're going to apply the same techniques to actually give it more persistence in your mind.

Drawing your memory palace

Whether you're going to invent one from scratch or use an existing building you're familiar with already, a very good way to start making this building more persistent is to sit down and draw it on a piece of paper. That doesn't really mean you have to draw what it would look like to walk through the palace (unless you're so artistically inclined) ; instead, you can just draw an accurate two-dimensional map of it, room after corridor after room. Once this is done and you're satisfied with the result, you can assign a function to each of these rooms : one will be a bedroom, one will be a dining room, another a drawing room, and so on and so forth. That's when using a pre-existing building makes things easier to remember, but then that might also mean less freedom !

Once you've assigned a function to each room, you can add in the furniture ! The goal is to make things as life-like, easy to remember and realistic as possible, so don't hesitate if you want to be original (without necessarily going all out : a room with furniture doesn't mean a cluttered room). Don't worry, I'm not pulling your leg : everything'll have its role to play later on.

Walking down your memory palace

Walking down a memory palace means imagining yourself walking through it the way you would in real life. That might not be very easy at first, and you might find yourself losing focus after a certain amount of time. Keep at it until you can walk through all the rooms completely, and once you can achieve that, do it some more. Don't forget to visualize the rooms with as many details as you canhandle, without going overboard with sound, lighting and smell : you might want to keep things simple at this stage, and over time you'll be able to add more details as you need them.

If you're clear on that stage, then we can move on to "memory hooks" and hooking up memories in your palace !

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