Exercise Your Brain

Brain Upgrade

Brain Upgrade

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Exercise Your Brain

While studying is a great way to exercise your brain, there are some other techniques you can use to give your brain a tune up that you can do in addition to studying. Making sure you regularly exercise your brain between study sessions ensures that it keeps growing and developing, which should help improve your memory in the long run.

Puzzle games such as crosswords and Sudoku are a great way of keeping the mind active, as well as having fun at the same time. Or if you fancy playing a game with other people, games such as chess give you the chance to exercise your mind effectively. You can also search online for huge selection of quick brain training games, which can cover a lot of different techniques such as remembering things like pictures, words, and colours, working out small puzzles, or finding pairs of objects by remembering their position.

Having so many different games to chose from should let you find the ones that suit you best, and one which focusses on your learning style. Most of these games are also quite quick to complete, so you can probably fit them into a quick study break if you feel you need a little extra practise.

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