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How to remember peoples names

A few simple suggestions can greatly help you to remember names better. Interest in the person helps. A person's name is important to him.

Often we cannot remember the name because we did not get it right to begin with. So when introduced, get the name clearly.

Ask the person to repeat it if necessary or even to spell it. Use it several times in your conversation. When you say good-bye, address the person by name. You will be surprised how these few points will help.

Another tip that can further boost your memory for names is to associate a person's name with something you can picture in your mind. If you can put action into the picture, so much the better.

For example, one person had difficulty remembering a casual acquaintance's first name, which was Glenn.

So when he saw this individual, he thought of the meaning of the word "glen," that is, "a secluded narrow valley."

He pictured the man in this valley, viewing the beautiful surroundings. It always worked; the name Glenn popped into his mind.

Many names may have no meaning to you, so you will need to substitute a word that resembles the name. It does not matter if your substitute word does not exactly match the sound of the name.

Your memory will be better able to recall the name from the association. When you make up your own words and pictures, the impression is much stronger.

You need to practice this diligently for a while, but it really works. Harry Lorayne explains this method in his book How to Develop a Super-Power Memory, and he has used it on many public occasions. He says:

Many's the time that I've had to meet one hundred to two hundred people in fifteen minutes or less, without forgetting a single name!"

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