Brain Upgrade

Brain Upgrade

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Ingredients of creativity

All creative individuals experience periods of time when new ideas come into their mind in droves and there is hardly enough time to write them all down. A creative individual can hardly hope to implement a fraction of his or her ideas. Some people are born with highly creative minds. They are privileged from the onset, but they are also more likely to suffer from side-effects of neurohormonal aspects of creativity such as inattention, anxiety, depression, etc. For those who are born with less poetic minds, the understanding of the creative process can be of great help. Ordinary brains can be made to work in a highly creative mode. Let us list the conditions needed for the brain to churn out ideas en masse:

- suitable state of mind: alert, excited, and excitable

- suitable environment: minimum irrelevant interference from the outside word (e.g. ringing phone) and maximum creative stimulation (e.g. creative reading, incremental reading, brainstorming, etc.)

- time: the more time you give for an idea to grow, the greater the likelihood of a breakthrough association; two hours separated by a period of sleep may do more than two continuous hours

- motivation: there must be a need to come up with a solution and strong motivation to document and analyze the transition steps

- curiosity: the mind must curiously stray into unexplored paths when new associations and unexpected solutions can be found

- knowledge: knowledge in relevant areas

Of the above factors, genetic endowment may greatly help in achieving the suitable state of mind, which also entails motivation and curiosity. However, the neurohormonal advantage given by the lucky genotype can be made up for with relatively simple tools and techniques such as: massive learning, cup of coffee, brainstorming, good health, etc.

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