Brain Upgrade

Brain Upgrade

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Memorizing through Association

A. Human brain power

The human brain doesn't do very well at remembering large numbers. Here will help you to map the number to words or sentences using a range of mnemonic methods (for example, the mnemonic major system and the mnemonic count system). But how do you remember the word- Through association. You need to associate the word with the context. The example below will show you how to use association.

B. Mnemonic association example

Suppose that you are trying to memorize the birthday of your best friend, what do you do-

1. Look up the date in

2. Suppose that the mnemonic search engine returned something about garlic.

3. It is now sufficient to use association to associate the your friend's birthday with garlic. For example, imagine that your friend gave a birthday party and that he cook some food himself, but everything tasted like garlic.

4. Voila. We just associated the birthday of your friend with garlic. The human brain is very good at association and it is very persistent: you will not forget about our friend's birthday full of garlic for many years. Association is a very strong mnemonic technique.

C. Extensive mnemonic association example

A detailed example of how we can combine the major system and mnemonic association is described in the following phases of Mitosis mnemonic.

D. Tips and tricks

How can we achieve association that is as strong as stone- Below you'll find a list of properties of a good association.

- Visual
- Funny
- Not boring
- Sentational
- Unreal
- Crazy
- Extraordinary
- Offensive
- Unusual
- Emotional
- Ridiculous
- Offensive
- Silly
- Crazy

Most important: use your imagination, because we need visual associations that stay in your memory forever. Boring = out of your memory.

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