Brain Upgrade

Brain Upgrade

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If you have a lot of reading to do in your course, it might seem quite overwhelming, and it can be easy to get distracted. Not only that, but you might find yourself reading the same sentence a few times over before you feel you have really absorbed the meaning of it. Finishing the chapter may be the main goal of your reading session, but if you come away not being able to remember anything you've just read, then you've just wasted a huge chunk of your time.

A great way to help you remember more when you're reading is to read out loud. Reading the words out loud instead of just reading them to yourself means you create a more distinct memory of the information, which should mean you are able to recall the facts easier later on. Not only that, but reading out loud means you won't lose your focus and suddenly realise you've not been reading at all, but just starting at the book! The act of reading the information and then translating that into speech will make it easier to concentrate on the text, and reading out loud will slow your pace a little anyway, while should give you time to really focus on what you are reading.

Finally, reading out loud can actually help you understand points raised in the text better. Even if you are reading silently to yourself, sometimes when a sentence or paragraph doesn't make much sense after a couple of readings, you'll read it aloud anyway to try and understand it better. Reading out loud the entire time should help you to process information easier, and make sense of it for future reference.

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