Brain Upgrade

Brain Upgrade

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Visualize & Associate

If you have memory problems, you might not be using your brain in the right way. The solution- Learn the best memory trick used by professional memory performers.

These performers amaze us with all sorts of memory feats, such as magically remembering the exact order of the 52 cards in a deck or even several decks!.
You might assume these people have photographic memories, but you would be wrong. Most of them only have average memories.

Instead, memory performers use a technique that I call Visualization and Association (V&A), or simply visualization. This is a fun memory trick that anyone who wants to have a great memory can learn.

If you have trouble remembering your school work, or facts related to your job, or current events, or people's names, or any other type of information, the solution is to learn V&A and make it a personal habit you use every day.

Not very good at seeing things in your mind's eye- Don't worry. Visualization is a skill you can improve through practice:

Visualization is a muscle. It can be grown and strengthened, stretched and flexed. The reality is that we can teach our brains how to see more clearly and then we can teach them how to show. - Sunni Brown, The Doodle Revolution
The uses of this technique for memorization are almost unlimited. You can use it to help you recall definitions, foreign vocabulary, lists, articles and stories, poems, math formulas, character dialogue, and even speeches and toasts.

Even if you only have an average memory, or even a bad memory, you can still use the visualization technique, together with the image-based memory systems, to memorize information easily and well. Small children have been taught this technique, so anyone can learn it.

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