Brain Upgrade

Brain Upgrade

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fun and use your imagination!

So today I want to share the way that I currently learn words! If you have your own interesting way, please do share it with us!

I "naturally" have a very poor memory, but through lots of reading (I've definitely not come up with this myself, so I'm sure some readers apply these methods already), I've discovered how other people learn things in a way that is efficient and fun. Schools are great for teaching you facts, but I wish more would teach you learning methods!! (If yours did, you are luckier than I was!)

The obvious problem with my repetition method mentioned above is that there is no actual association. Even if you repeat the pair to yourself a million times you are still not actually linking the two words together, just trying to force them to match in your mind. Even other methods of using the word in as many examples as possible are still relying on something to just magically click in your mind to put these words together.

I am suggesting that all you need to do is create a very amusing, animated, unforgettable image in your mind that links both words to each other! This means that if you are translating either to or from the target language (unlike just from which most people will master easier), you will access the other word just as easily. This is especially important when the words look nothing alike. To demonstrate what I mean, I'll give you two examples that I used myself.

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