Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

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Recovery- Brow Lift Surgery


- Will a Forehead Lift remove fine lines? What are my reasonable expectations?

- What are the differences between Laser Resurfacing, Dermabrasion Removal and Brow Surgery?

- How long does the effect of a Forehead Lift last?

- What are the non-surgical options to a Forehead Lift?

- Does a Forehead Lift/ Brow Lift “Freeze your Face”?

- How long does a Forehead Lift take?

- What type of anesthesia will be used?

- Can a Forehead Lift be combined with other procedures? If so, which procedures?-

- What risks/complications are possible and how often do you experience them in your practice?-

- How many Forehead Lift procedures have you performed?

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