Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

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Aftercare - The Laser Hair Removal

Patients return home immediately following the treatment. Normal activities can be resumed immediately; however, exercise, Jacuzzi use, and sun tanning are not recommended for at least 24 hours. No waxing or depilatory creams can be used after laser hair removal.

After the procedure, patients are often advised to gently cleanse the treated area with a mild soap. Your doctor may prescribe a specific lotion that should be used after treatment. An antibiotic ointment and other topical lotions may be required in certain situations.

Most often, discomfort is minimal and does not require medication. Unmanageable pain, or the appearance of red or white bumps, ingrown hairs, or scabs should be reported to your doctor immediately.

Depending upon your personal anatomy, instruction compliance, the type of laser used, and the expertise of the treatment provider, healing begins within a few days of treatment. There will be a follow-up visit to the office for evaluation, and possibly a second treatment session. The number of sessions varies depending on individual characteristics and which area was treated. Additional sessions should not begin until hair has time to regenerate under the skin, which generally takes up to 12 weeks.

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