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Cosmetic Surgery

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Aftercare - Botox

One of the distinct advantages to BOTOX as an aesthetic procedure is that there is no true recovery period as there is for plastic and cosmetic surgeries. The procedure itself lasts about ten to fifteen minutes and once it is performed,...

the patient can leave the office almost as if they had received an injection of any other medicine. Some physicians will require that the patient sit upright for five minutes in the office before leaving and will discourage the patient from laying flat for several hours after procedure. While you will be able to leave the physician's office immediately after your surgery, you should look for any signs of an adverse reaction.

You should notice that the muscles under the areas that were injected will not move when you attempt to contract them, this is a normal part of the procedure. In certain cases, the toxin moves to a group of muscles that weren't directly targeted. When this happens, certain unintended and unwanted affects can occur such as a drooping eyelid. Unfortunately there is no way to correct this and the effect may last up to four months.

The site of the injection may continue to be painful for some time after the injection. Occasionally the area becomes tender, red or swollen. If this does not go away within 24 hours of the injection, consult your physician because it could be skin infection or mean that you have an allergy to the injection.

You should look for other signs that you are having an allergic reaction to the injection. These signs may include such things as shortness of breath, generalized swelling and a widespread, itchy rash. If any of these occur, consult medical personnel immediately as these could be signs of a serious reaction.

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