Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

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Chin Reduction

Some people actually find that their chins are too large to fit in with their other facial features. By moderately reshaping the bone and other structural tissues, cosmetic chin reduction surgery can create a more pleasing contour for the face. No facial implants are necessary, and the results should appear natural in every way. Alternatively, when an especially prominent chin makes the nose or other facial features appear too small for the face, chin reduction surgery can provide a balanced look. Aesthetic chin reduction surgery offers an effective solution for refining facial definition and contour.

Chin reduction surgery is a relatively simple procedure that an experienced surgeon can perform to transform your appearance, create a more harmonious profile, and help you feel better about the way you look. In the sections that follow, you can learn about the criteria for ideal chin reduction surgery candidates, as well as the procedure itself, and the associated risks and benefits.

Chin Reduction Candidates
The Chin Reduction Procedure
Risks and Benefits of Chin Reduction Surgery

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