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Cosmetic Surgery

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Differences in nasal anatomy

African American nasal anatomy differs from others in skin thickness and abundant fibrofatty tissue. Nasal bridge consists of short bones, and is flat and wide. The tip of the nose is usually bulbous and of minimal definitions. The nostrils are flaring and horizontal. These are the features that individuals of African American decent want to correct but not change completely in order to keep their racial characteristics.

Hispanic nose also has a thick skin with a wide bridge. Its tip is also bulbous, of minimal definition with abundant nasal soft tissue. The base of the Hispanic nose is wide, thick, with flaring and horizontal nostrils.

Asian nasal anatomy differs a bit more from the African American and Hispanic nasal anatomy. Skin of the Asian nose is thick and sebaceous, and also heavy. Its bridge is wide. The tip of the nose is bulbous, with thickened skin, abundant nasal soft tissue and of minimal definition. But both the doctor and the patient should understand the presence of individual varieties.

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