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Ethnic rhinoplasty

Individuals of different races differ from one another in certain anatomical features. There are specific anatomical differences between the noses of nonwhites and those of whites. Even though, sometimes people want to gain features that are distinctive for another race, most usually individuals undergoing plastic surgery wish to improve their appearance by keeping their ethnical features. And hence, plastic surgeons should be aware of these racial differences and should use specific surgical techniques to gain desired aesthetic results.

The idea of multiracial rhinoplasty evolved in 1913 when Schultz published his work characterizing typical black nose. Many authors have pointed out that noses of non-whites are broad, flattened, with thick nasal skin and huge amount of subcutaneous tissue. However, these stereotypic characteristics differ in individuals. Even though individuals are of the same race, their noses may differ dramatically.

Patients, who seek ethnic rhinoplasty procedure, usually want to improve their appearance by keeping their racial heritage characteristics. Candidates for this type of plastic surgery are those, who have characteristics of the nose typical for their race. People, who have noses with widened bases, thicker skin, flat bridge etc., may want to improve aforementioned features and gain more prominent nose by keeping in their ethnic group.

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