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Cosmetic Surgery

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Ethnic rhinoplasty surgery

The aims of ethnic rhinoplasty may vary from individual to individual, but there are some major points that in ethnic rhinoplasty. The surgeon aims to make the nasal bridge slightly thinner. Most of the multiracial patients wish to see their tip of the nose more refined, increased in rotation and projection. Since skin soft tissue is abundant in most non-white individuals, most doctors try to give the soft tissue slight thickness in order to provide excellent definition of the tip of the nose.

Ethnic rhinoplasty involves a few different surgical procedures to improve appearance or function. Septoplasty with or without Graft Harvesting is most usually used in patients with a curved nasal septum. Incisions and skeletonization is needed for primarily open technique. Nasal tip surgery is applied to achieve better appearance of the nasal tip. Other procedures include the following: osteotomies, harvest/placement of autologous and/or alloplastic grafts, and alar base reduction.

It is quite complicated to describe individuals, who request ethnic rhinoplasty. It is just as hard as to describe white people, who want to have facial plastic procedures. Younger multiracial individuals usually want to undergo facial plastic surgery to improve their appearance and to keep their ethnic characteristics. Older patients want to reverse effects by aging on their noses. However, there is a great deal of individual, who want to have their nasal function restored. But no matter for what reason, aesthetic or functional, ethnic rhinoplasty is quite a frequent plastic surgery among multiracial individuals.

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