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Cosmetic Surgery

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Eyelash Transplants

After centuries of wishing for longer lashes and eventually reconciling themselves to the use of artificial eyelashes and mascara, the women of the world have finally found a way to have longer, fuller lashes naturally. As Transform Cosmetic Surgery reported this week, women have discovered the wonders of eyelash transplants!

Eyelash transplants have been a part of the world of cosmetic surgery for well over twenty five years now. Until recently, however, the only candidates for the procedure were people who had been involved in terrible accidents, undergone some form of trauma or patients who suffered from trichotillomania, a disease which causes people to constantly pull out their hair.

Recently, plastic surgeons have reported a different trend with regards to the procedure. An increasing number of people, more specifically women, who pay close to four thousand dollars to undergo the procedure are perfectly healthy and look at eyelash transplants as being cosmetic rather than reconstructive surgery.

How Eyelash Transplants work During the procedure
How Eyelash Transplants work - Post Procedure
Eyelash Transplants - Recovery Time

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