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Cosmetic Surgery

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Forehead Lift Surgery

Other terms associated with Forehead Lift Surgery: Brow Lift, Browplasty.

A forehead lift, also commonly referred to as both a browlift and a browplasty, is a procedure which elevates drooping eyebrows that obstructs vision, or to remove the deep creases "worry lines" that cover the forehead and may portray unintended emotions.

Patients often request this form of surgery because the area makes up a major focal point for expression of the upper face (along with the eyes). No one can escape the seconds of time or the pull of gravity. With these forces at work, the muscles that keep the forehead smooth grow weaker, which allows for deep wrinkles to set it.

To further produce a more youthful appearance, forehead lifts are commonly combined with eyelid surgery in a effort to reduce the sagging skin of the upper eyelids.

Types of Forehead Lift Procedures
Patient Characteristics
Risks Associated With Brow Lift Surgery
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10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Regarding Brow Lift Surgery

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