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Cosmetic Surgery

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How Does a Benelli Lift work?

The Benelli lift was invented by Dr. Louis Benellito to lift smaller breasts in women that have lost elasticity. By removing a doughnut-shaped piece of soft tissue around the areola, the surgeon can easily and quickly lift the breast. This procedure is also called a doughnut mastopexy and a concentric mastopexy.

In contrast to a traditional lift, a Benelli lift usually only has a scar around the areola that flattens and disappears after time. During the procedure, a surgeon removes a ring of tissue around the areola and then sutures the surrounding tissue to the edge of the areola with purse string sutures.

As these sutures are tightened, it creates a lifting effect on the whole breast, resulting a flatter, rounded breast. The scarring is minimal, there are fewer incisions than a traditional lift and it is usually performed as an outpatient procedure with local anesthesia.

The draw back to this procedure is that you cannot have breast augmentation with implant done at the same time.

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