Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

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Implants for Men in Male Plastic Surgery

The rise of male cosmetic surgery affords men the same anti-aging benefits as women. Men have several options when it comes to improving their appearance through the placement of implants, including:

Facial Implants. Many men opt for facial implants to better define their profile. Chin implants surgery (also known as chin surgery or mentoplasty) can help men achieve a stronger chin and is occasionally performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty. Jaw implants can help men strengthen and define their jaw line. Cheek implants are another popular form of male facial augmentation that can provide facial fullness in men with hollow, concave cheeks.

Chest Implants. Also referred to as male breast implants, chest implants are gaining in popularity as increasing numbers of men are realizing there are some things that push-ups just can't do. Pectoral implants can help the chest look fuller and more muscular. Bicep implants and tricep implants can add definition and fullness to the arms.

Lower Body Implants. Numerous lower body implants are available to help men improve their appearance and self-confidence. Calf implants, for example, can help men with thin, shapeless calves beef up their lower legs. Nearly 60 percent of individuals who opt for calf implants are men, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Men with flat, poorly developed buttocks are turning to butt implants so that their behinds look better both in clothes and out. Butt implants can turn pancake buttocks into firm, muscular-looking buns of steel.

Penile implants are an option for men with erectile dysfunction who have not responded to Viagra or other drugs used to treat this disorder. Several types of penile implants are available, including inflatable and malleable models. Penile implants will not make your penis longer or increase sexual desire or sensation, but they can help men achieve an erection sufficient for relationship on demand.

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