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Cosmetic Surgery

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Patient Characteristics of Forehead Lift Surgery

Patients requesting a brow lift procedure commonly range in age from 40 to 60, with brow lines and eyelids that have begun to sag noticeably. Wrinkles or creases have also begun to appear along the forehead. However, hereditary causes can sometimes make these problems an issue for people in their 20s and 30s. In these cases, a brow lift can also help.

Candidates for this procedure should be in good physical health, be psychologically stable, are non-smokers (or able to stop before and during the healing process) and have a thorough understanding and realistic expectations of what the brow lift procedure can and cannot accomplish. After an in-depth discussion with an experienced cosmetic surgeon, some decide that a brow lift performed in conjunction with other procedures (e.g., a face lift or eyelid surgery) will provide the best results.

In some cases, brow lift patients initially believe they need eyelid surgery to correct drooping above the eyes. After a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon, they discover that a brow lift will address their problems more effectively.

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