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Cosmetic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery Abroad

With the rising demand and the rising cost of plastic surgery, many consumers have turned to cosmetic & plastic surgery abroad to meet their plastic surgery wishes. Hospitals in exotic locations offer potential patients travel packages that include resort style accommodations, the promise of a pre-surgical vacation, and low-cost surgery. Despite how appealing this might sound, anyone considering medical tourism should know the risks as well as the benefits and should also understand how to find a qualified plastic surgeon, regardless of the location.

How comfortable is it to recover from surgery when out of town? Although you can expect the recovery time to be about the same as what you would encounter in the United States when you receive medical care from a qualified individual. However, you will spend some of your recovery time in a hotel, which can be more uncomfortable than being able to go directly from the hospital to your own bed in your home.

Is it safe to travel so soon after surgery?
How does legal recourse differ abroad should something go wrong?
What additional insurance should I have if I am having plastic surgery away from home?
Will my insurance cover complications arising from surgery in a foreign country?
How do I Find a Qualified Plastic Surgeon and a Good Facility?
Questions about your doctor should include:
Questions about the medical facility should include
Accreditation of international cosmetic & plastic surgeons & facilities?

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