Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

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Recovery - Gastric Bypass Surgery

Patients who have had gastric bypass surgery procedures will usually lose about 2/3 of excess weight within 2 years of surgery. The newly created food pouch will hold about an ounce of food and will expand to hold 2-3 ounces, over a period of time. Patients will eat less, since food will be delayed from emptying - causing the patient to feel full.

There can be long-term issues with anemia leading to osteoporosis and bone disease due to the non-absorption of nutrients. Because of this, patients will need to take nutritional supplements to prevent this from happening. Special medications and food may also be indicated for the life of the patient.

Close medical monitoring will also be required. Meals that are high in fat and sugar will most likely not be tolerated and will lead to long-term weight loss. The patient's appetite may also be reduced with the change in the release of hormones that cause hunger.

Body-shaping surgery may be required once weight loss has been stabilized (normal for at least one year). This is designed to remove excess skin that was stretched when the patient was overweight.

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