Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

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Rhinoplasty complications

There can be some complications also, for instance: abnormal shape of the nose (it can be a mistake made during the rhinoplasty surgery or if the patient doesn't keep head elevated enough or sleeping on one side only, it can be corrected by secondary surgery, often the implant is used), anesthesia reaction, asymmetry, bleeding (it can occur for up to four weeks - the nasal packing may be used to contril it), infection (pain, redness, swelling), loss of smell, sinusitis, slow healing, toxic shock syndrome, wound infection (using an implant increase the chance of infection), visible scar, risk of smoking (if the patient smokes, he/she can have difficulties during the healing process.

Patient may feel the lack of oxygen needed to tissues and this increases the risk for slow healing). If surgery is performed by really qualified plastic surgeon it's rare case for complication to appear after the rhinoplasty procedure. On the other hand all surgeries have therisk of complications. The part of healing process also depends on the patient. He or she must follow all the instructions which were given.

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